Friday, May 29, 2009

In Season NW: Market Dinner for the In-Laws

Ann Forsthoefel, market manager of the Portland Farmers' Market, had her in-laws over for dinner the other night and, as you might expect, all the fixin's came from the tables of her favorite vendors. If you have a favorite menu or farmers' market dish, leave a comment and we'll compile a list!

Dinner for the In-Laws

Valentine cheese from Ancient Heritage Dairy
Assorted pickles, bean carrots from Picklopolis
Paté from Chop

Spring Mix from Spring Hill Farms topped with:
- Sliced pear from Draper Girls
- Caramelized Leek from Groundworks
- Feta cheese from Dee Creek
- Hazelnuts from Freddy Guys filberts

Pasta Two Ways
Rosemary infused linguine noodles from Nona Noodles topped with:
- Buffalo Italian sausage (Pine Mountain Ranch) in a tomato sauce (from my 2008 tomato harvest)
- Asparagus (Gala Farms) and Shitake Mushroom (Springwater Farms) in a cream sauce (cream from Jacobs Creamery)

Blueberry Crisp made with my blueberries from last year.

Twist Wine (sold at the market)

Illustration from The Washington Post


Anonymous said...

Suggestions for IN Laws: Reading Eat Drink Think made me crave hangar steak possibly from Sweet Briar Farms or another vendor of natural beef at market. I liked the sauce either Romanesco or marchand du vin with steak. Possibly a butterflied leg of lamb from SuDan Farm done on barbaque grill. Definately bread from Pearl bakery or if not Kens (not from market). Being a big fan of dairy some fresh cream and eggs for creme brulee desert (or save for morning challah french toast with fresh berries (Hoods should now be in season). If In-Laws are not carnivores how about fresh salmon from market? Columbia River Fish Treaty 1855.

kab said...

Find the link for EDT in the column at right (under Food & Drink Blogs) and read his review of Laurelhurst Market. Swoon worthy!

And totally agree with your other suggestions. I'd add mascarpone from Jacobs Creamery with those strawberries. Heavenly!

Anyone else?