Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Garden: Week 3

Like the swine flu or, more properly, the H1N1 virus, predictions of dire outcomes have been laid aside to be replaced by hope. All the seeds planted in the raised beds are coming up like gangbusters, and if the sun that's predicted for the weekend actually materializes, they'll have grown like proverbial weeds by the next report. But then, so will the weeds!

The permit from the city's arborist to take down the tree in the parking strip is in the mail, and the plan is to have it removed next week, plow the ground and plant tomatoes. The arbor vitae hedge will come out at the same time, and I'm just starting to consider what kinds of fig (yes, fig!) to espalier against the fence. My favorite black mission figs? Brown turkey? Let me know what you recommend!

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