Monday, February 18, 2008

HUB Update: Bearded and Brewing

When I was a kid, it seemed like it took forever for highly anticipated events like Christmas, birthdays and summer vacation to arrive. My parents would throw up their hands in exasperation at the constant badgering and whining, the "When will we get there?" keening of children on a long trip.

In what's getting to be the longest tease in the history of Portland brewing, Christian and the crew at Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB) have chosen a soon-to-be-released secret opening date. Until the day they throw open the doors, though, he and his compatriots in excellent brewing are committing themselves to the pursuit of the hirsute and will not shave.

You can go to the website and sign up for their e-mail newsletter, which they guarantee will carry the news of their opening date. We can only hope that with all the time they're saving by not shaving, they'll be open that much faster!

Photo, l to r: Assistant Brewer Ben Love; Brewer and Owner Christian Ettinger; contest judge Jules Ettinger; General Manager Lionne Decker; and Kitchen Manager Andy Litka.

Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB), 2944 SE Powell Blvd. 503-201-8957.


shetha said...

I'm waiting with bated breath. My father in law has had a mini keg of their IPA in the basement and it is oh so good!

kab said...

My husband is just starting on his fourth corny keg. It's the only thing that's keeping him from sleeping on the doorstep at the pub. So far we've had the IPA, the Abominable Winter Ale and the DOA (twice). All terrific!

kab said...

When I dropped off yet another keg to be filled, Christian himself let it slip that the opening date is currently scheduled for either the 12th or 18th of March. Stay tuned for updates!