Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Thanks to You!

The votes have been counted, the prizes awarded, the winners have gone home with their arms fulls of roses and their tickets to COPIA in their pockets. It was neck-and-neck (or pixel-to-pixel) there for awhile as the bloggers and their readers battled for position in the Culinate GrillMe sweepstakes, with GoodStuffNW readers (that's you!) voting like mad.

We were in the top ten for a good long while and actually held spot #5 for a day or so, then the more trafficked blogs kicked in and we ended up at #25, still an amazing showing for this homemade effort. Why, Portland's great restaurant blog ExtraMSG only made it to #43, though I will have to live with smug smiles from my brother, since his Eat. Drink. Think. finished at #12. Still, we wouldn't have even made a showing without your support, for which I am eternally grateful. Thanks to everyone who voted!

The final standings? The top ten vote-getters were:
1. Smitten Kitchen
2. Coconut & Lime
3. Matt Bites
4. Not Eating Out In New York
5. Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme
6. Chow and Again
7. Homesick Texan
8. Chocolate in Context
9. Portland Food and Drink
10. Life Begins at 30

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