Wednesday, May 16, 2007

No Silk Purse, But No Tote Bag, Either: Party Part 3

It's been awhile in coming, but due to popular request we're going to finish up the story of the Birthday Bash. In Part 1, I'd been invited to a themed cocktail party and immediately had a panic attack about what to wear, which was solved by a trip downtown to Ray's Ragtime. In Part 2, the deadline was fast approaching and I still hadn't found shoes till I happened by Payless Shoesource and got the perfect pair.

Makeup was a snap with a trip just before the party to Nordstrom and the Lancome counter. Now, this is a free service, but the expectation is that you'll purchase at least one tube of lipstick or a bottle of foundation, so expect it to cost something. And with a bit of hair help from my "sistahs" at Urbino on NW 23rd and a bottle of Champagne for their trouble, I was all set.

Arriving at the party, J and K (that's them on the left) had it all together with a spread of jello and snacks that included mini-pigs-in-blankets, dips and chips and a mysterious bottomless bowl of shrimp with cocktail sauce. Bartender Joe (above right) kept everyone well-lubricated, and with the addition of a giant can of those crack olives (that everyone at the party found completely addictive) for the martinis, the evening couldn't have been more perfect.

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