Monday, March 05, 2007

Alternative Career Fair for Students

If you know a young person who is considering enlisting in the military because they don't see any other way of going to college or establishing a career, there's going to be a full day of activities designed to offer real, local alternatives to military enlistment. It is available to up to 300 Portland area students, teachers and counselors that are targeted by military recruiters, and will provide an opportunity for local businesses, trade apprenticeships, summer work programs, health and environmental career reps and other career and education organizations to provide information about what choices are available to youth.

Career sectors include computers and technology, public and social services, medicine and health, skilled trades and apprenticeship programs, teaching, arts, entertainment, and multimedia, science and research and environmental careers. There will also be student services including: money for college, job placement and career counseling and travel abroad opportunities.

Details: Life After High School Career and Educational Opportunities Fair. April 9th, PSU Smith Ballroom; 9:30am to 2:30pm (includes lunch). Call 503-230-9427 or 503-515-6753 to make a reservation for this event.

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