Saturday, July 05, 2008

Oddities: Doggy Etiquette

I never take my dogs to the farmers' market. Rosey would just as soon stay on her polka dot pillow at home and snooze as be tripped over by shoppers oblivious to everything but that perfect bunch of mizuna across the aisle. And forget about Walker. He would wrap himself around me in a flash trying to rip out the throat of any Doberman that glanced his way.

So this sign came as a welcome development in market etiquette, though I had no idea that dogs might have a sudden urge to light up in the middle of the mustard greens. But considering the mess that the spent butts and burnt-out matches would make, I guess it had to come to this.


Anonymous said...

Due to excessive dogginess, strollerage, and wagonry, I no longer enjoy the Hollywood Market.

kab said...

I also find the two and three-wide stroller parents to be excessively dense when it comes to crowded places. Though I can't say it's soured me on enjoying the markets, it's time for some folks to get a clue. What do the rest of you think?

Loo said...

Down here in our smokey Farmer's Market (SB is currently on fire), we too have a ban on the canine's right to shop for heirloom squash (no one smokes in California, so no need mention it.) I heartily support this. You can barely manage to move already amid all the glam Euro market baskets that people drag with them, rolling over your toes or barking your shins. When a couple of labs are thrown in the mix, it becomes impossible to move.

Happily, there are three weekly markets, so you can avoid the most crowded times.

SEH said...

Strap that kid on your back!! What in the world did we do when there wasn't all the gadgets for babies? Fling 'em on your back and back to work. Besides, with a kid on your back you have your hands free for the market goodies.:-)