Friday, July 11, 2008

In Season: Gooseberries

Even more fleeting than fresh favas and as rare as a rainy day in July, gooseberries are an old-school and out-of-fashion treat. Tiny and incredibly sour, they're also apparently difficult to harvest, growing on thorny bushes that tear at your skin when you try to pick them. My mother used to make gooseberry jelly when she could find these pale green jewels at the market, so when I ran across a few hallocks at Sid and Louann Bones' Greenville Farms stand at the Multnomah Village Market, I grabbed enough for a gooseberry pie. I'll keep you posted on how it comes out!


Farmer de Ville said...

Good call standing up for the humble gooseberry. I grow two varieties in my backyard (red/yellow) and love their sweet and sour distinctiveness.

In a world which seems to measure fruit by sugar content alone, the good ol' gooseberry is a renegade.


kab said...

I love it's untamed flavor...not just the sourness but the herbal quality it has when cooked. It's so different from sweet lusciousness of the rest of our berry bounty.

Glad to see you like Hunter. Angler. Gardener. Cook. as well!