Monday, July 28, 2008

Hot Item: Sardine Skewers at Garden State

I don't know what it is about fishy snacks, but I can't seem to get enough of them. Anchovies have found their way into just about every corner of our diet, from appetizers all the way to entrees. Though we have yet to find a place for them in the dessert course, I'm not averse to trying them in that venue.

So when I saw that Kevin Sandri had sardine skewers on the blackboard at his Garden State cart in Sellwood, I obviously had to have one. Rounds of fish stuffed with savory bread crumbs and eaten hot on a skewer, these totally rock. And paired with some of his chick pea "fries" it comes close to heaven in terms of snackage. But you'll have to get in soon, 'cause these are only going to be around for a bit.

Details: Garden Sate, corner of 13th and Lexington in Sellwood (5 blocks north of Tacoma). Phone 503-705-5273.

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