Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Market Watch: Moreland Farmers' Market

When it's the middle of the week and the vegetable drawer has been emptied of my finds from the weekend market, I head to one of the many mid-week farmers' markets to restock. This week's Market Watch takes a tour of the goods at the Moreland Farmers' Market and comes up with several resources that will fill up your bin.

Details: Moreland Farmers' Market. Wed., 3:30-7:30 pm at SE Bybee Blvd. and 14th Ave. Free parking across the street at SE Glenwood and 14th Ave.

Photo, above: Cherry Galettes from Erica Bentson and Krystal O'Neal's Finales Fine Cakes and Desserts.


Anonymous said...

Please tell me there are better farmer's markets than the one found in Moreland.

We just stopped by there for our first time today and we were surprised that it had mostly prepared, cooked foods or other non-produce goods for sale -- it felt more like a community market than a farmer's market. And, our only visit to the Parks blocks farmer's market weeks ago left us with the same feeling -- where's all the produce? Is there more produce as the season progresses? Maybe we are spoiled coming from California but I keep hearing about all the farms in the Portland area -- where does all the produce go?

At Moreland, we bought strawberries for $3.25 a pint (non-organic, which seems overpriced given they're conventionally grown), only to find out many of them were spoiled/moldy. Very disappointing.

Are there better farmer's markets in the Portland area (i.e., ones that sell more produce)?


kab said...

All of the produce people tell me that this season is quite delayed and many more will be coming to the neighborhood markets as the season progresses and crops become available. It's one of the vagaries of living in a place that has "seasons" and this spring has been especially cold and cloudy (even for Oregon!).

I actually felt that the Moreland market had a nice selection of produce vendors, and rest assured they will only increase as the season progresses, so hang in there!

(And sorry about the strawberries. That is disappointing.)