Saturday, May 31, 2008

More Pie?

There are good things and bad things about freelancing. The bad things are mostly about money, or the inconsistency thereof, and having to drum up new business. And if you don't do the latter, the former gets even scarcer. The good things have to do with setting your own schedule and choosing the work you want to do and (mostly) how you want to do it.

Another difficulty is not having a place to meet clients for meetings. An impressive conference room always seems more professional than a kitchen table. So I'll often meet people at a quiet coffee shop or café. One of those in the neighborhood is Random Order on NE Alberta. Their coffee and food are really good, but it's their pies that make me drool.

All handmade on the premises, they do the expected apple, berry and cream pies, but then they'll throw in some unique combinations just to mix it up a bit, like the rhubarb cardamom beauty above. They've recently added spirits and later hours to their lineup, so you can stop in after an evening out for a little cool-down period before heading home.

Details: Random Order Coffeehouse, 1800 NE Alberta. Phone 503-331-1420.


Anonymous said...

my boyfriend and i have been on a Cherry Pie Quest. currently, Random Order is a close 2nd place to Grand Central Bakery. Grand Central's cherry pie is NOT TO BE BELIEVED.


kab said...

Have you tried the pie at Bipartisan Cafe in Montavilla? Though I don't know if they have cherry, I thought their pies rocked.

And keep us posted on your quest!