Saturday, May 03, 2008

Livin' in the Blurbs: Wheelin' and Dealin'

Speaking of columnist and master of edible landscaping Vern Nelson, Sasha Kaplan of And She Cooks informs me that he is also quite the patissier. The man that Sasha claims "puts Martha to shame" will be offering a couple of classes in her home kitchen on baking fruit pies. So if you've always wanted to learn this most delicious (and tricky) of skills, or would just like to improve your own techniques, this might be just the ticket.

Details: Fruit Pies with Vern Nelson. Summer class on July 27th, Fall class on Oct. 25. 1-4 pm; $75 per person, class size limited to eight. E-mail for reservations.

* * *

Portland is no longer just a fair-weather biking community. You can't go even a block around here without seeing folks biking to the store and to work, towing their dogs and their kids at all times of the day and night. And People's Farmers' Market is planning to thank everyone who rides their bicycle by having a Bike to the Market Day that will provide free workshops on bike maintenance, free tune-ups and repairs and free cycle-powered deliveries in the neighborhood. Plus, get this, free bicycle-powered smoothies! So suit up and get over there for this people-powered celebration.

Details: Bike to the Market Day at People's Farmers' Market. Wed., May 14, 2-7 pm; free. People's Farmers' Market, 3029 S.E. 21st Ave., one block N of Powell Blvd. Phone 503-674-2642.

* * *

Growing up on cheddar and monterey jack, not to mention a two-week binge on Velveeta when I was in sixth grade, I was, shall we say, underexposed to the larger world of cheese. When I tasted my first chevre with its salty tartness and dry-yet-creamy texture...mon Dieu! It was a revelation. Sellwood cheesemongers Curds & Whey will be celebrating our goaty friends and the deliciousness they give us with a class titled Chevre from Around the World on May 24th. Class size is limited, so call to reserve your spot soon.

Details: Chevre from Around the World. May 24th, 7 pm; $25 per person, call to reserve. Curds & Whey, 8036 SE 13th in Sellwood. Phone 503-231-2877.

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