Monday, May 12, 2008

Cuteness Check-In

In answer to many requests, yes, I've seen the puppies and, yes, at six weeks they haven't become any less cute, darn them! The eight have been joined by Bunny (center, top), who is nine weeks old, and seven more who are about two weeks old and still in that blind, wormy stage, though no less sweet.

And here, my friends, is evidence that these harmless-looking, fuzzy mounds of cuteness are, in fact, evil entities bent on destruction. They swarm on any living organism and, with their needle-sharp teeth, attempt to render it into a bloody pulp. Believe me, since they're still nursing I don't envy their mother!


Loo said...


I need one! I need one!

kab said...

I was worried about exactly that kind of reaction. The cure is to remember all the reasons you don't want to have a newborn right now and apply that directly to the spot that is inflamed with the puppy-itis. It should subside with frequent application.