Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Beaverton's China Town

No sooner do I write a post about a good restaurant I found in (gasp!) the burbs than I find myself in deepest Beaverton to get Walker's hips x-rayed (it's some kind of show dog thing). The appointment isn't till two o'clock and, since it's around noon, his breeder and I meet at a little dim sum place I read about in last year's Diner section of the Oregonian.

Stuffed tofu

On busy Murray Boulevard across from the Nike campus, China Town Restaurant is nearly invisible to drivers whizzing by. But if you know it's there, you'll step inside its anonymous storefront and into some of the best dim sum I've had in the area. It's not the buzzing whirl of ladies pushing carts that you'll find at Fong Chong downtown, but the quality and freshness are definitely better here.

Eggplant with pork.

The pork shumai (top photo, lower right) are hot and juicy, and you can really taste the shrimp, ginger and sesame oil mixed with the pork that are the signature of this dish. The tofu stuffed with vegetables are luscious and have a lovely, lightly sweet sauce, and the shrimp har gow are similarly bursting with juicy flavor. I love the eggplant I've had at other places, and China Town's are terrific with a slice of pork giving the eggplant a hefty bite.

As with Peter and his Original Thai BBQ, I wish this place was closer. But I'll definitely be making the trek to China Town again when I get a hankering for some great dim sum.

Details: China Town Restaurant, 14125 SW Walker Rd., Beaverton. Phone 503-641-4153.


ABC said...

Dangit, and I was thinking of doing a "can you eat well in the 'burbs" thing!

While you're at it, please please please tell me you went to Hakatamon. I have a friend who just returned from 2 years of teaching English in Japan, and he says that their curry beef tasted like he was there again. (I also recommend the edamame, the Karubi, and the tempura.)

kab said...

You know, Alexander, I haven't been to Hakatamon, but it was on the Diner list along with China Town. I'll definitely put it on my list!