Friday, February 01, 2008

Your Brain on Love

Do you moon over Robert Krulwich or believe in your heart that you and Michele Norris are meant to be together? If you even recognize these names, then you, my friend, are an NPR nerd. And OPB is hosting an event for you in March.

If you are single and a devotee of all things public radio, the hosts of RadioLab, an NPR documentary show, are coming to Uptown Billiards in NW Portland to put you in touch with your inner lover. They'll look at how love affects brain chemistry (and vice versa). Plus you'll get a drink voucher to help grease your synapses, and snacks to provide fodder for witty remarks.

It's only open to the first 100 bachelors and 100 bachelorettes who buy a ticket online, so you'll have to act fast if you want to be part of this unique benefit for OPB.

Who knows? You may find someone you can listen to the Sunday Puzzle with.

Details: Your Brain on Love, a benefit for Oregon Public Broadcasting. Mar. 10, 6 pm; tickets $60 available online. Uptown Billiards, 120 NW 23rd Ave. Phone 503-244-9900 for information.

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