Wednesday, February 27, 2008

As Others See Us

"Lone Fir is the resting place of an astonishing variety of those who’ve come to be the city’s natives: along with pioneers and their descendants, there are Russians, Cambodians, Japanese, and Chinese whose families immigrated—some of them generations ago—and stayed," posts former Portlander and now Famous Publisher of the blog Rotund World in Puerto Rico. And though we're known for our rain, hippies and volcanoes, he says that they are merely "minor annoyances when compared to the city’s surpassing loveliness. Actually, the hippies are part of the charm, like colorful garden dwarves scattered amidst the tall firs."


takeitoutsidefitness said...

Volunteers who care for Lone Fir host great tours of the cemetery on Halloween night. You can meet some of the "residents" of the cemetery, as they tell you stories about their lives and Portland history. I loved it!!

kab said...

What a great idea! It's fun, gets people to appreciate the place (and Portland's history) and keeps any mischief-makers at bay. Thanks!