Thursday, January 31, 2008

Why is This Woman Happy?

This woman, one Luan Schooler, is a very happy woman. She is happy because of the ham she is holding. The ham makes her happy because it is one of only 200 pieces of jamon iberico from Spain that were brought into this country, and probably only one of five that made it all the way to Portland.

That's because Luan was very persistent in calling the importer and letting him know that she wanted to be happy, and that the special ham he was getting from Spain would make her very, very happy. Not to mention the happy customers that would be streaming into her shop to taste its nutty, meltingly tender richness.

I was lucky enough to get to taste it, and I can tell you that it made me happy, too. If you worship at the shrine of the holy pig and would like to experience the happiness it can bring, I would suggest having some as soon as possible.

Details: Foster & Dobbs Authentic Foods, 2518 NE 15th Ave. Phone 503-284-1157.


Anonymous said...

We ventured over to Foster & Dobbs, per your blog post, but at $90.00/lb (!!) we unfortunately had to pass on tasting it. Alas, we did enjoy the mole salami sandwiches - deelish!

kab said...

I know, it sounds outrageous. But it's traditionally sliced extremely thin (think even thinner than prosciutto) and for $12-$20 you can have several slices for a dinner party. Admittedly that's still pretty expensive, but it's a delicacy and fun to do for a special occasion.