Thursday, January 03, 2008

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Growing up with dogs as pets, I assumed all they did was bark, eat, sleep, chase cats and occasionally learn to do "tricks" like sit, stay or, in what would have been a miracle with any of our dogs, roll over on command.

Go to the Portland Expo Center anytime between January 17th and 21st during the Rose City Classic Dog Show and you'll see dogs everywhere, doing all kinds of amazing things you could never get your old Spot to to do. Going through tunnels, jumping over gates, following completely silent cues from their owners through a complex maze of instructions. Who knew that they made dogs like that?

And not just that, but you'll see breeds you never knew existed. Big, little, hairy, bald, Roman-nosed and some with hardly any nose at all. And some that look like they belong in a circus freak show. And that's just the owners (just kidding). You can even go "backstage" and take a peek at the primping, fluffing, buffing and clipping that makes these dogs the show-stopping (and judge-impressing) creatures that they are. If you're looking for a particular breed, it's also a great opportunity to talk with some of the top breeders on the West Coast and get the skinny.

Details: Rose City Classic Dog Show. Jan. 17-21; $8 per person, $15 per family, Seniors free. Download schedule here. Portland Expo Center, 2060 N Marine Dr.


Loo said...

OK, so WHY isn't that a CORGI doing the agility thing????

Tai is most miffed because he can jump those suckers as well as those big hams, Border Collies.

kab said...

All apologies to Tai, but I didn't want to sound like one of those one-breed fascists. So I chose a spaniel rather than a border collie or Aussie.

I did Google "corgi agility" and got plenty of results. Look for the telltale tail. But in one of those Google moments, I ran across this Malamute-Corgi mix. To which I say, "Whaaaa?"

Loo said...

I am dying over here.

I have no qualms about my devotion.

kab said...

I's like some kind of Franken-pooch. A weird cross between Rosey and Nikki. Aiiiiiiiiiiyyyiiiiii!