Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Puppy Update

Just to give you all the latest, it looks like Walker is here to stay. Is anyone surprised? And poor Dave. He'd just roll his eyes when I told people the puppy was here "on approval." He knew better. Plus he was pretty smitten himself.

This is our little man at six months, just after his dog show debut in Puyallup, Washington, with his breeder, Kim. He took a Reserve in the puppy category, which means he came in second, so we have our first ribbon for his scrapbook. He's entered in the Rose City Classic this weekend, so we'll see if he'll impress the judges. Too bad they don't have a slipper-chewing category!


Corvallis Martha said...

Walker rocks! What a handsome guy. I understand Rosey covered him with welcome-home kisses....

kab said...

She most definitely missed him, dragging herself along on walks and moping about the house. Then perking up immensely when he returned, as did the rest of us!

(There were some moments of blissful quiet, though, that we appreciated fully.)