Friday, February 02, 2007

Raise Your Hand!

There's an auction coming up, giving you an opportunity to nab some excellent original photographs for very reasonable prices and, best of all, to brag that you're a supporter of a small but vital organization dedicated to building a community around local photography, the Newspace Center for Photography. And the work up for auction isn't just the product of some snap-happy goofballs with disposable cameras, but photographs by fifty local and national photographers including Larry Fink, Gus Van Sant, Michael Kenna, Stu Levy, Shawn Records, Holly Andres, Christopher Rauschenberg, Mariana Tres, Cherie Hiser, Ann Ploeger, Jim Lommasson and many more.

The auction on Feb. 24 culminates an exhibition of the photographs all this month at Newspace. And if you've thought about adding some photographs to your collection but aren't sure what distinguishes a good photograph from the vacation snaps you took last summer, on Feb. 13 they're having a special preview of the exhibition and a gallery talk on collecting photography hosted by Jennifer Stoots of Stoots Fine Photography, an appraisal and consulting firm, and Terry Toedtemeier, curator for the Portland Art Museum.

So get out your paddle and start working on your bidding chops. You've only got a couple of weeks!

Details: Newspace Center for Photography, 1032 SE 10th Ave.; Phone 503-963-1935.

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