Monday, January 08, 2007

Portland Goes to the Dogs

The next couple of weeks have a distinctly canine focus, with the Rose City Classic dog show coming up starting on Jan. 18 and continuing through the 22nd. And though I detest the Expo Center, it's become much easier to get there and avoid the park-and-ride-the-shuttle hassle by taking the direct Max line that drops you off right in front.

This is cheap family entertainment featuring all kinds of breeds I guarantee you've never seen before, and they're all walking around the floor coming and going from the various judging rings. And if you want to feel badly about your own canine couch potato, take in some of the agility and obedience trials. These dogs (and their owners) are amazing, and the dogs seem to genuinely enjoy the heck out themselves. Then, if you want to see how true-to-life the movie Best in Show is, wander back into the prep area (it's open to the public) and watch the breeders and handlers fluffing and buffing the dogs to within an inch of their lives. What a show!

The other dog-centered event coming up, appropriately enough, is the Wurstminster Dog Show on Feb. 3, an art event and benefit for Dove Lewis, our local 24-hour emergency animal clinic. Over 100 international artists will be showing artworks representing over 100 breeds in many different media, from a five-foot plush doll to postcard-sized paintings, and GoodStuff friends Michael Wertz and Amy Ruppel are participating. The one-night exhibit will take place at the newly opened Ace Hotel at 403 SW 10th, the very hip and happening Portland branch of the Seattle venue. A portion of the proceeds of each sale will benefit Dove Lewis.


michaelmotorcycle said...

Hey! Thanks for the link! x,michael wertz

kab said...

Glad to help out! Looks like the show's going to be fun. We'll look forward to seeing you there!