Monday, January 22, 2007

Dim Sum? Oh Yum!

One thing you should know about me is that I'm a complete sucker for dim sum. Maybe it's the allure of those mysterious little noodle-y edible packages veiling the bite-sized, succulent treasures inside. Or the smoky meat-and-rice combo wrapped up in a large leaf. Short of the chicken feet that any respectable dim sum palace has on their carts, I adore it all.

My favorite dim sum in Portland is at Fong Chong in our teensy Chinatown neighborhood. I like its unpretentious charm and the waitresses that have been there for decades pushing the same funky carts around the room. Though there's been talk lately that Wong's King out on SE Division has a better selection, I find Wong's large, brightly lit room on the sterile side, and the quality of the food no better. Plus waiting in line for an hour for someone to call your number is just not worth it when you can walk into Fong Chong and get a table anytime.

And when you're in the neighborhood it's always fun to walk by one of the Chinese association doorways and try to peek in an open door. I would so love to go inside one someday!

Details: Fong Chong & Co., 301 NW 4th Ave.; Phone 503-228-6868.

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