Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Busy Corner

Had coffee one recent morning at the Busy Corner, a little cafe hidden away on a corner in the Woodstock neighborhood. It reminded me of one of those odd handmade spots you find in some college towns or in villages in Europe with a coffee bar on one side, a scattering of mismatched tables and a shelf of dry goods where the neighbors can pick up a jar of red sauce or a package of soup beans for dinner.

The coffee drinks are served in the French manner, in large white bowls that are warm and comforting to hold, and they have a small selection of homemade pastries and a few breakfast offerings that can be made on the two-burner hot plate on the back counter. They also have some simple lunch and dinner items, as well as a reservation-only Friday dinner that is creating some buzz in the foodie community, so count on hearing more in the near future!

Details: Busy Corner, 4927 SE 41st Ave.; Phone 503-777-5101.

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