Tuesday, December 12, 2006

O Christmas Tree!

We used to be the kind of family that would trek out to the hinterlands to a tree farm and tromp all over the muddy hillsides in the freezing cold, looking for the perfect tree to kill. Then we found, just blocks from home up NE Fremont, the Fremont United Methodist Christmas Tree Sale. What a relief! And every one one of the congregation that we've met there are the nicest folks...smiling, helpful, willing to open up as many trees as it takes. Kinda scary.

And the prices are good, too. We usually spend around $50 for an eight-foot tree that we throw in the truck, haul home, trim off the bottom and set up. Easy, and no frostbite. I love it! BTW, the sale only runs through the 17th, so if you want one, get yourself down there. Tell them GoodStuffNW sent you!

Details: Fremont United Methodist Christmas Tree Sale, 2620 NE Fremont St.; Phone 284-4647.

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