Thursday, December 14, 2006

Fun at FuBonn

If you love Uwajimaya, the all-things-Asian superstore, but hate driving out to deep Beaverton for your key limes or wasabi peas, there's a closer choice. FuBonn is a large Asian supermarket out on 82nd Ave. that, while not quite the eye-popping experience you have at the big U, is still a spotless and fully stocked Safeway of Asian delights.

They have a good-looking fish counter and several live fish tanks, a meat department that features the usual cuts of beef as well as whole poultry, bulk containers of fresh pickled vegetables (Mmmm...kimchi!), really fresh vegetables and fruits and the usual assortment of packaged foods, cooking utensils and household items. I was able to pick up a couple of stocking stuffers for my son...well, he is a little unusual in that he would rather have wasabi peas than chocolate or knick-knacks...and some Indian chutneys that I can't find elsewhere.

They're carrying more organic items than you might expect, and it's definitely worth checking out, especially when you can't bear to think of fighting the traffic in the burbs.

Details: FuBonn, 2850 SE 82nd Ave.; Phone 503-517-8877.

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