Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It's Better to Give

My mother has started a tradition that is catching on with many families I know who want to give a meaningful gift at the holidays but don't want to burden someone with more stuff they don't need. She's asked that, instead of another pair of earrings or a scarf or, heaven forfend, some grandma-esque perfume, we select a charity she supports and give a donation in her name of whatever amount we'd spend on a gift.

So if you're ready to join the "Don't need more things, thanks" crowd, here is a list of charities we've given to and have been very happy with. Feel free to leave your own charities as a comment (below) and we can make a great list together!
And from our readers (check comments below, too):
  • The Delta Society, an international charity started right here in Portland that uses the power of animals to heal humans. Thanks, Gregg!
  • Neighborhood House, a 100-year-old social services nonprofit started by immigrant women in Portland that serves the local community with programs from early childhood education to senior citizens, as well as a homeless shelter. Thanks, Salauddin!


muffye h said...

Lutheran World Relief -- efficient, does what it says it will do and has very low administrative overhead.

kab said...

Thanks for the suggestion. You can find them at http://www.lwr.org/ . I also remembered the Central Asia Institute (at http://www.ikat.org/ ) that was mentioned in the book "Three Cups of Tea." Anyone else have great charities they've given to?