Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Half Century!

Holy crap! I just looked at my archive and this is the 53rd post for Good Stuff NW. Hard to believe that we're over our first half-century already, and only five months in. I've talked about everything from salami to corgis to shoes to restaurants, and have received wonderful praise and good suggestions as well as greatly appreciated comments from as far away as the Netherlands and Spain. You rock!

What started out as an experiment in form and a way of protesting the blatant (and I think unethical) practices of a certain very popular local e-mail list/website, has morphed into a really fun and creative outlet. I hope it works for you, too, and that you find this a helpful and entertaining (if not always riveting) part of your life. Thanks for reading, and keep me posted.


Muffye H said...

KAB, you are always spot on!

Thanks for keeping me connected to the trends in the world outside my Capitol office.

kab said...

And thank you for taking the time to check in! I'll be adding more new posts soon, I promise.