Saturday, October 28, 2006

Heronswood Update

A couple of months ago I wrote that a group had formed to try to preserve Heronswood, the world-class botanical garden on Bainbridge Island that was bought by Burpee and Co. six years ago and closed without warning on May 30. Well, the Pacific Northwest Horticultural Conservancy (PNHC) now has a website, and their goal is to establish a community-based, self-sustaining horticultural research and education center at Heronswood, collaborating with educational institutions such as the University of Washington and Olympic College.

To get involved, you can contact the PNHC by e-mail or write them the old-fashioned way at:

Pacific Northwest Horticultural Conservancy
PO Box 1575
Kingston, WA 98346

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Paul said...

Heronswood is having some Garden Opens at the Fordhook

Farms in Doylestown, PA. The last one was very nice.

Picked up some nice hellebores.,0,2361228.story

Future Opens